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Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be a progressive natural resource agency recognized for:

  • Technical knowledge regarding natural resource issues with an emphasis on water issues
  • Professionalism in the administration of programs
  • Communication and educational skills to provide credible up-to-date information about
    our natural resources to all that we serve
  • Stewardship in understanding the complex interrelationships between man and the natural environment
  • Leadership in mitigating degraded resources

Mission Statement

The Dauphin County Conservation District's mission is to ensure the responsible use of
Dauphin County's natural resources; protect and restore the natural environment; promote
public health and safety; and enhance the quality of life for all county residents.

Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Workshops
Derry Township Building, September 16, 2014 6:30 pm
Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art
September 16, 2014 7:00 pm

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Dauphin County Conservation District’s (DCCD) former “Earthtones” newsletter is back in a new form!  Attached you will find the Spring 2014 edition.  We hope that this new electronic newsletter will help us to get information about our programs and offerings out to you.  Any feedback that you may have is welcome.

Earthtones June 2014

Stream & Wetland Activities Open House

June 26, 2014 10am to 7pm

DEP South Central Regional Office


In November 2013, the Department of Environmental Protection approved an amendment to the Dauphin County Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan.  This county wide plan was originally approved by DEP in 2010.  Most municipalities in Dauphin County subsequently adopted Stormwater management ordinances base on the model ordinance provided in the 2010 plan.  Included in the model was a section that provided criteria for exempting regulated projects from some of the requirements of the ordinance.

In response to concerns that were recently raised regarding the exemption criteria, the Conservation District developed an amended exemption section.  The amendment provides greater flexibility and regulatory relief for regulated projects under certain circumstances.

The amendment provides three exemption alternatives to municipal governments as follows.  The three options were developed to allow municipalities to choose to revise their ordinance or keep their ordinance the same while still remaining consistent with the DEP approved plan and amendment.

1.  The first option is to retain the existing ordinance exemption criteria.  This option was provided to allow municipalities that are satisfied with their current ordinance to retain the existing language with no formal action required.

2.  The second option allows municipalities to adopt exemption criteria that consider not only new impervious cover, but also the separation distance from the new impervious cover to features potentially impacted adversely by increased stormwater runoff.  Some of the features considered are property lines and surface waters such as streams and wetlands.  If a municipality choses this option, the municipality will need to formally adopt a revision to their existing stormwater management ordinance.

3.  The third options would allow a municipality to implement the separation distances as the first consideration in granting an exemption and also allow the municipality to fall back on the original exemption criteria where appropriate to provide regulatory relief. If a municipality choses this option, the municipality will need to formally adopt a revision to their existing stormwater management ordinance.

For more information contact the Dauphin County Conservation district at 717-921-8100

To view the existing and amended ordinance language, use the links below:




The Dauphin County Conservation District has developed a new Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plan Small Projects Guide. This guide is useful for developing an Erosion Control Plan for small projects under 1 acre in area of Earth Disturbance. Click Here for more information or contact the Conservation District at 717-921-8100


NRCS Assists Local Landowner in Managing Their Forest for Future Generations

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