Board of Directors
Board of Directors - 2020
Tim Wentzel

Commissioner Director
Chad Saylor

Farmer Directors
Ronald Kopp
Paul Anderson

District Staff
District Manager
Eric Naguski
Financial Coordinator
Lisa Lauver
Program Assistant
Melanie Sheehe
Agricultural Land Preservation
Matt Williard
Erosion & Sedimentation Control/
NPDES Permitting
Pest Control
West Nile Virus & Gypsy Moth
West Nile Virus & Gypsy Moth Program Coordinator
Chris Hooper
Water Resources
Watershed Specialist
Rob Frank
Resource Coordinator
Matt Williard
Vice Chair
Dave Coble

Urban Directors
James Szymborski
Ed O'Gorman

Associate Directors

Engineering Specialist /
Resource Program Supervisor
Mike Clark
Special Projects Technician
Scott Finkenbiner
Agricultural Specialists
Megan Weidner


Plan Review Technicians

Tia Kissinger

Alyssa Hoy


Jacob Chapman

Niamh Hays


Steve Frey


Dirt and Gravel Roads Program Coordinator
Chris Hooper
Assistant District Manager
Robert Christoff
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